3 Fun Mind Games to Help with Your Psychic Abilities

Mind games are fun and they can help you develop your psychic abilities further.

Mind games should be used with caution and with respect for other people's privacy.

Some mind games are best done with a friend or friends.

1 - Gather a friend or two around you.  Sit quietly and send your mind inside a radiator in the room.  Have a look around.  See what you see, feel what you feel, sense what you sense.  Write down your findings and enjoy sharing with your friends.  If you all had similar experiences then that is fine, but if not then it does not matter.  Each person will have their own perspective of what the inside of a radiator looks like.  You can also do this with an animal.  Send your mind inside an animal or even inside your own leg and have a good look around!

2 - Again you will need a friend to help you with this.  Decide on a specific day of the week when you will do this exercise.  Preferably decide on a specific time as well.  You will not want to be sending your mind to a friend when they are either in bed or in the shower!  At a specific time on a specific day, sit down and send your mind to your friend.  Discover what they are doing and where they are.  Write it down.  Swap with your friend.  Discuss your findings and see how close you both were.  The more you practice these mind games the better you will be.

A word of warning here.  Two people I knew, whom I classed as friends, used to do this to me. They would phone me up and tell me what I had been doing that day!  This is just not on.  You must have permission from the person you are working with. 

3 - Again, get a friend to help you with one and swap over.  Get a book.  One person places their finger on a word in the book and the other person tries to guess what that word is.  The other person can even have a go at sending their mind to the page and trying to read several lines on that page.

All of the above are fun things to do.  Drink plenty of water as these types of mind games can use up a lot of mental and psychic energy.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016 

Image courtesy of smarnad at FreeDigitalPhotos.ne