Are You So Cocksure Of Yourself That You Shatter Your Dreams?

Are you so sure you're useless that you shatter all your dreams?

Are you so sure your'e worthless that it's not even worth thinking about a dream?

Are you so sure you're not good enough, not fit enough, not rich enough, not famous enough, not healthy enough, not courageous enough, not beautiful or handsome enough, not clever enough to even begin thinking about having a dream, let alone follow one?

Are you so certain about all these things, about yourself, that you think it's not worth trying. Not worth the effort.

You may have put a great deal of effort into telling yourself how worthless and stupid you are.

Why not put the same amount of effort into telling yourself how wonderful you are?

Just look in the mirror, at least once a day, and tell that person you see, that they are beautiful, handsome, clever, amazing and courageous. 

Tell that person, you can see, that it is okay to have dreams and it is okay to follow those dreams.

Yes, you may stumble, but doesn't a little baby stumble when it first learns to walk?  The baby doesn't give up though.  It carries on tumbling and stumbling and maybe stubbing a toe or two, until it can walk without the need to hang onto furniture or someone's hand.  That little baby doesn't tell itself it's stupid for even trying to walk.  It carries on.  It perseveres and in the end it has its reward.  

It stands tall.

copyright Barbara Burgess 29016

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