Why Can't I Hear Spirit?

Why Can't I Hear Spirit when some of my friends can?

Well maybe you are not meant to hear spirit.

Some people are healers.

Do your hands ever go hot or get warm when you are near a person or animal?  This is often the sign of a healer.

Once in the Spiritualist Church, a medium told the congregation that healing was the most important thing and that mediumship came second to this.

If you think about it, we can help so many more people if and when we are feeling well and so healing is very important.  It is a very important thing to be able to do, to give healing to other people and animals and even this planet.

As a healer it may not be necessary for you to hear spirit.

Another reason, for not hearing spirit, is that you may be clairscentient or clairvoyant and not clairaudient.

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You may also need a bit more practice and a bit more belief in yourself.

Never give up, that is my advice.

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