Why Does My Loved One Not Come Through with a Mediumship Psychic Reading

Why does my loved one not come through when I have a mediumship reading?

Well there can be many reasons for this.

One is that they actually do not know how to!

Ah, but how is this possible?   They are now in spirit form and so they must know how to communicate with us on the earth plain.

This is not always the case.  Some people who go over to the spirit world do not, in fact, know how to communicate with their loved ones they left behind.  Just as some people have to learn how to be a medium and thus communicate with spirit.

Some spirits do not know this can be done.  I have given animal communication readings and several times the pet animal has told me that it did not know that it could connect to loved ones back on the earth plain.  One dog actually said, 'how fascinating'.

Loved ones in spirit may not want to communicate with us.  It may upset them or they may just be having such a wonderful time 'up there' that they are quite happy not to talk to those left on planet earth.

Some spirits will know that it will upset those they left behind if they give out a message. Sometimes it can be very upsetting for both parties, those in spirit and those left on the earth plain.  However, most mediumship connections will bring closure and joy to those left here on earth.

The enquirer may also be a bit nervous and hesitant and thus put a block on their reading and this stops messages coming through.

A good medium can help dispense any feelings of anxiety on the part of the client.  Some mediums will talk to the spirit person involved and explain to them that they really can communicate with those they left behind on the earth plain.

Either way, there is nothing to fear when having a mediumship or animal communication reading.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net