5 Things a Psychic Shouldn't Tell You

5 Things a Psychic Shouldn't Tell You

1 - When you are going to die.  We are all going to die.  That's life.  You should never ask a psychic when you are going to die let alone allow a psychic to tell you this.

We are all given many times to die during our life time.

2 - You are going to lose the baby you are carrying.  I did a psychic party once and a young and very pregnant lady came into the little room.  She began to cry straight away.  I asked her what on earth was wrong and she told me that another psychic had told her that she would lose her baby.  No wonder she was crying!  I intuited that she had indeed been carrying two fertilised eggs and soon after conception one had been absorbed by her body.  This is quite common.

The other psychic had misinterpreted the message she had been given and gave this young lady a great deal of unnecessary worry.  This lovely lady did indeed give birth to a bonny, bouncing, baby boy, full term.  

3 - Something horrible is going to happen to you.  We all know that our lives can be filled with the good stuff and the bad stuff.  When I was learning mediumship in the Spiritualist Church the medium told us to always ask for 'messages of joy and upliftment.'  I have always done this. Who wants to hear about the rotten stuff?  Surely, if our lives are full of both good and bad then it is better to focus on the good stuff and EXPECT good stuff to come into our lives and also WELCOME it.

At another psychic event I met a young student who told me she had just learned to read the tarot and that she was there to give readings.  I also met a young waitress at the event who sat and chatted with me.  The waitress then had a reading given to her by the student.  Six months later the same organisers had another psychic event.  I met the same waitress and she looked extremely distressed. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the student had told her that something horrible was going to happen to her.  The waitress told me that she had waited six months for this horrible thing to happen and as yet it had not.  I explained to her that the psychic should never have told her this and had probably interpreted the cards wrongly.  I also told her that if it had not happened within six months of the reading then it was not going to happen anyway.  I also explained to her about us all having both good and bad stuff in our lives and that she should focus upon the good happening.  She felt a little reassured after our conversation but was still very nervous. 

4 - Psychics should not tell you that they can read your mind because they cannot.  They cannot tell you what you are thinking.  If a psychic says, think of a number, and then gets that number right then it is simply guess work.  There is evidence that if a person asks this question then the most likely number the other person will come up with is 3, 7, or 9.  It is the same with colours and towns and cities.  It is a well-known fact that people will give out certain colours or certain cities when asked to think of one.  This is not mind reading.  This is very clever guess work and the psychic most likely has gained a great deal of experience doing this.  Psychics can tune into your feelings and emotions but they cannot read your mind.

5 - That you have negative spirits around you causing you harm and that they can take them away from you for £250.  Yes, a friend of mine fell for this one.  She also paid out money to a psychic on a regular basis.  She got letters in the post each week or each fortnight asking for money to get rid of this or that bad spirit.  My friend was very vulnerable at the the time and new to the U K.  Psychics, healers and alternative therapists can take negative spirits away from a person but they often will do it for free or certainly for far less money than £250.

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