Tarot Readers Don't Read Tarot Cards

Tarot Readers Don't Read Tarot Cards

I was born psychic.  Many people are.  In fact we all are.  However most of us do not know this or understand this or even want to know this.

I did not understand this at first.  As I was growing up I admired psychics and what they could do.  I read many books about psychic phenomena and wished I were psychic too.

I watched television programmes about psychics, and by psychics, and really wanted to be just like them, and to be able to do what they did.

Then, one day, I saw a course advertised at our local college - Luton College of Further Education.  Actually it was two courses.  One to learn the tarot and the other to develop your psychic abilities.

I joined both classes.  The first six weeks consisted of developing your psychic abilities.  It was during this time that I actually realised that I had been psychic all along!  You see I found it so easy to do the exercises our tutor Phillip Griggs was giving us.  I realised that I had been doing most of the stuff all my life and found it so natural that I had not once connected it to being psychic!

After this course we did the Tarot course.  This I found a little bit harder.  We had to learn the signs and symbols on all the cards.  We were using the 78 card Ryder Waite deck.  It was very taxing on the brain!

During this tarot course Phillip Griggs explained that many of his students did not realise that they were actually NOT reading the cards but were tuning into spirit and using their intuition and their sixth sense to do the readings.

Phil said that he could see that his pupils were not actually reading the cards. They were getting messages from spirit.  Some of these messages were mediumship.  Even though his pupils could not see this, and even though his pupils did not realise this, or understand this, he could.  Phillip tried to explain to them that they were indeed using their psychic abilities and were not actually looking at and reading the faces of the cards.

Some tarot card readers will indeed interpret the cards as they see them.  Others will simply use them as a tool in order to connect to the spirit realms.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

Image courtesy of aechan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net