Angels Won't Help You.

Angels Won't Help You

There is a time when Angels can help you and that is if you are in mortal danger and it is not your time to die.  Angels can then step in and save you.

At other times Angels won't help you.

Why is this?

Because we humans have free will.

What is meant by free will?

Well it means that we can do just about anything we like.

We can be kind and courteous or we can be down right nasty.

We can be hateful or we can be loving.

We can start wars and continue to fight until the end of time or we can live in peace.

God does not start wars.  We do. Humans do.

People often ask, 'why does God let this happen or that happen?'  God does not 'allow' anything to happen.  We, us humans, make it all happen.  And we have free will to do so.  We can choose to do anything we please.  The Angels will never intervene, only under the circumstances outlined at the beginning of this blog post.

So, How is it that people DO get help from the Angels then?

Well, they ASK. It is as simple as that.

"Ask and it shall be given unto you."

The Angels won't help you, unless first you ask.  You have to ask them for help because they are not allowed to intervene in our lives, unless first we ask.

So how do we ask the Angels for help?

A good way of communicating with the Angels is by prayer.

Some people are scared of praying or are a little bit shy.  Some people just do not know what to say or what to ask for.

Some people think that their request is too great, while others might think that what they want, or need, is too insignificant or silly.

Often you might  hear someone asking for something from the Angels but they think it might be too much to ask for.   A person might say something like, 'if you don't mind.'  Or, 'If you think that it  is okay'.  They like to be polite.

Yes, it is good to be polite and say please and thank you.  It is also good to ask for anything that you desire.

A new pram for a new baby.

A new car for a new husband.

A holiday for your grandparents.

More food in your belly.

More money in your purse.

That job that you have always wanted.

Those clothes you would love to be seen in.

That special hairdo.

Or even a parking space next time you are in town.

You can ask for just about anything.

Obviously you cannot ask for something that is totally ridiculous.  You must also play your part.  It is no good driving at 90mph the wrong way down a one way street and asking the Angels to stop you getting a speeding ticket.  You must do your bit!

A good tip is to ask for that special something to be given to you 'now' otherwise you may find yourself waiting until you are ninety nine!

Be specific about what you want from the angels and give a time frame for it - then EXPECT it to happen or expect that special something or special someone to come into your awareness.

Don't just ask for a car - you might get one with no doors and flat tyres.

Don't just ask for a job - you might be offered a job with less pay than you were expecting and harder work than you were thinking of.

Be specific.

Give as much details to the Angels about what you want in your life and tell them when you want it.

The Angels won't help you - unless FIRST YOU ASK.


Copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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