Past Lives - are they real?

Past Lives, are they real?

Well I for one do believe that they are.

I have re-visited many of my past lives during the sleep state or when meditating or even when just day dreaming.

I have seen myself in America as the girlfriend of a gangster.  I was tall and skinny and dancing in a night club.  The thing is, I still dance like that today!

I have also seen myself walking along a farm track, also in America, and with a very large horse, a shire type. I am actually afraid of horses but if anything, I much prefer the giant breeds.  

I have also seen myself as a Sparrow.  I was a baby Sparrow sitting on a window sill and a man opened the window and pinged me off with his fingers and I plummeted to the ground below.  It was a very real experience to say the least!


I once described a past life to one of my clients and she actually said I was describing her present life.  The two lives were exactly the same.  However I saw her in clothes from a different period.


Another client, and this one from America, did not say much whilst I was doing his reading, however he was extremely intrigued and just kept on saying, 'go on, go on.'  I described a past life with a disabled son and quite a traumatic one it was too, with a deceased wife.  This client did not say anything to me about his present life but just said that what I was describing as a past life was 'extremely significant'.  Once again, I knew the life I was describing was not his present life as I could see that he was wearing clothes from another era.


When I do a past life reading I see the past life being played out as if I were watching a movie or video.  Spirit show me these past lives because they have some kind of meaning for my clients and they help them heal and come to terms with many things that are going on in their present lives.


A fascinating past life was given to me once when I was at a psychic fayre at the Galleries of Justice, Nottingham.  We were all packing up ready to go home.  However a lady was having a reading at a table opposite me.  Her husband had a child asleep in a little pushchair and he was wandering around watching us all pack up.  There were several people with crystals for sale and so on.  The man began chatting to me about psychic stuff and said that he was very interested in the subject, however he had never had a reading and did not want one on this particular day.

It was during our chat that I began to see his past lives played out in my mind's eye.  I asked him if he was interested in what I had to say and he said he was.  I saw this man as an executioner in many of his past lives.  He had used an axe, a sword, the guillotine and he had also hung people.  He had used each method in a different past life.  This gentleman was absolutely mesmerized by what unfolded and what I told him.  Then he told me that what I said had answered many unanswered questions.  He said he was fascinated by hangings and other such executions and had been all his life.  He said he had read many books and magazines on the subject and also loved to watch these types of films.  He also told me that his wife was very worried about his obsession and even more so since his son was born.  Describing his past lives to him certainly helped this man come to terms with what was going on in his life.  I told him that I felt he had learned much as an executioner and especially as a hangman and one who used the guillotine, which is probably why he was not an executioner in this life!

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