Facebook - When Someone Posts a 'Nasty' on there.

Facebook - when someone posts a 'nasty' on there.

Facebook - when someone posts a 'nasty' on there.

What can you do when someone posts a picture on Facebook that you do not like or do not agree with?

I really do not like to go on Facebook for the first time in a day and see horrendous images of animals or humans.  I would much rather see photographs of the countryside or adorable puppies.

Now, according to The Universal Law of Attraction - 'what you focus upon is what you get'.  So, to my way of thinking if I were to look at, or think about, for a while, these horrendous images, then I would attract more of the same into my life.  I would attract more nasty images into my awareness and probably more of whatever is going on in the photos.

On the other hand if I look at and even post, lovely images of flowers, puppies and kittens, then more of the same will turn up in my life.  More lovely things will come into my awareness and more lovely things will happen in my life.

Now, am I burying my head in the sand?  Am I ignoring the plights of ill-treated humans and animals?  I think not.  I can pray to God and Jesus and the Angels and ask for help for all those people and animals who are being used and abused.  I can also pray that the perpetrators of horrendous crimes against all species and nature itself be helped and guided and shown love and the error of their ways.  I can ask that these people gain the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to enable them to live a life filled with love and compassion.

I can also donate to the charities of my choice and I can sign petitions whenever I see one.

Another thing that you and I can do is to either unfriend the people who post such images, if they happen to be your friend.  Or hide or delete these images.  Sharing the images is not a good idea because that will only make the Law of Attraction Work harder still.

So here I have a number of options to help me decide what to do when people post nasty images on Facebook.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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