A Message from Archangel Gabriel

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

"Hello, I am The Archangel Gabriel and I come to earth at this time to bring you a message.

I am a Holy One, which means I stand at the right side of God.  I am one of his helpers.  There are many helpers and I am one of the many.

I come to earth to you today to bring you a message of healing, help and guidance.

I know you all suffer.  I know this.  You do not need to tell me for I can tell you are all suffering.

But it does not have to be this way or that way.  Healing is coming to you.  Healing is coming to earth.  So laugh and be merry.  Be happy. By this I mean - 'be'.  In 'being' you can 'do'.  You cannot 'do' unless first you 'be'.

You think that by doing something, this will make you happy.  Buying a new house, or a new car, or  a new computer.  Getting married, getting divorced.  You think that by 'doing' something that that will make you happy.  It will not. 

You have to 'be' first.  You have to be happy first and then the things that you desire will come into your reality.

You want a divorce because you are unhappy in your marriage.  However a divorce will only make you single again, it will not make you happy.  When you get divorced you then argue over money and children and pets and your home.  Still you are not happy!

You pursue another job, you change jobs because you are not happy.  Then, in your new job, you find that still you are not happy.

You have to 'be' this thing that you want to be - first.  You have to be happy first.

First comes the happiness and then comes all the other things afterwards.

Archangel Gabriel has spoken.

I love you all very much.  I take care of you.

Go in peace my children -  I love you,


Channeled by Barbara Burgess November 2016.