A Message from Archangel Michael

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Michael is here beside you.  Listen to him.  He wants to tell you a story.

This story is about a man who was very sad.  He was sad all the time.  He did not know what happiness was.  He had never, ever experienced happiness.

Then, one day, he saw a light.  It was the light of an angel.  He asked the angel,  "Who are you?  What do you want with me?  You are not from the earth, I can see that. I smell a perfume whenever you approach me.  Who are you?  What do you want?"

The angel replied, "I want nothing.  I want for nothing.  I am love.  That is who I am."

The man then replied, "Go on your way.  I do not want love.  I do not believe in love or happiness.  I only have sadness in my life, all the time.  I only believe in sadness because sadness is what keeps me going."

The angel then asked, "But do you not believe in happiness?"

"Yes I do," said the man.

"Then why not attract happiness into your life?' asked the angel.

"I cannot," replied the man.

"Then I will show you how". Said the Angel.

And the angel shone a light of gold and silver and all the colours under the sun, onto the man. The man stood up in awe of such a beautiful sight.

"Are you doing this for me?   For silly old me?"

"Yes I am."


"Because you are worthy."

"I am worthy?' Asked the man, surprised and he began to think.  He began to believe that he was a worthy person.  He began to stand up straight and lift his head.  He looked around him at all the beauty that was about.  The blue sky, the sun, the green trees, the myriads of coloured flowers.  It was a miracle. He was no longer sad and he went on his way.


If you feel sad today, then look around you.  Look at all the beauty that this world has to offer.

Call upon the Angels and Archangels and Your Guardian Angel and Archangels Gabriel, Michael and Metatron  to shine a light upon you and help you to see all the beauty that there is on this earth.  And to be grateful for it.  For gratitude can and will bring and give you happiness in your life.

Shine your light!

Channeled by Barbara Burgess copyright 2016.