FREE Readings - Should Psychics Give These?


Should Psychics Give FREE Readings?

Let me begin by saying that many psychic sites do offer free readings.

They sometimes also offer free readings for the first few minutes you are on the phone to them.

Many moons ago I had a gentleman come to visit me for a reading.  He told me that he owned nothing.  He said he did not have a penny to his name and he was sleeping on his son's sofa.

I intuited that he was psychic and that he was good at his job.  We discussed this and he also told me that he used to run psychic fayres and do all kinds of psychic stuff.

Then spirit asked me to ask him how much he charged for his services.  His answer was, 'nothing'.

I asked him why and he replied that he wanted to give 'value for money'.

Well his value was £0!

He actually thought he was giving value by not charging for his readings.  However this had left him with some considerable debts.

So how was this man supposed to get money to live on?

He could get himself a full time or part time job and then do psychic readings in his spare time - as a hobby, maybe.

Now, if giving psychic readings and helping people were his calling then how does he fulfil his life calling by doing it only part time?


Many years ago now, I had a whippet bitch who was whelping in the middle of the night.  She was having difficulty and so I called the vet.  I had let her go into labour for two hours before calling the vet and then he let her go for another two hours before intervening.  She eventually had two very large puppies, one of which died.

As we waited for a long time we spoke on numerous subjects and one was the cost of calling out the vet during the night.  The vet told me that I was paying for his years of study, and his knowledge, along with his help and expertise.

Many psychics have been on courses, read books, studied and attended numerous workshops in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of their psychic ability.

Unless a psychic has some other form of income then I think it would not be wise to give only FREE readings.  Giving some free readings isn't a bad idea or a beginner could start by giving free readings to friends and family and then charging a small fee and then increasing their fee as they gain more experience.  This is what I did and this is how many newby psychics begin their career or life path.

These days with the cost of living soaring by the minute, I would think it very unwise to give all your time and services for free.  Free psychic readings could, indeed be a thing of the past for some.

Barbara Burgess copyright 2016

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