Angel Colours - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's colour is blue.

A deep and radiant blue.

In order to get in touch with him you can eat certain blue foods such as blueberries. Blueberries will activate your inner wisdom cells and help and guide you as to what questions to ask Archangel Michael when you speak to him or pray to him.

Blueberries are often called a superfood and superfoods can help with your intuition and psychic guidance.

Think of blue foods and drinks (non alcoholic)  in order to connect with and communicate with Archangel Michael.  However blue foods are very rare - black currents can be a good substitute and even beetroot, which is a very dark red and almost certain carries a bit of blue in its make-up.

You can also use a blue coloured cushion or blue crystal (again this colour is rare) or some blue coloured jewellery and hold this as you meditate and welcome Archangel Michael into your energy field.

Wear a blue scarf or blue jumper and ask Archangel Michael for protection, help and guidance.

Ask Archangel Michael to wrap his deep blue cloak of protection around you.

And  ask Archangel Michael to come with his magic sword and cut all cords that are attached to you.

Remember that blue is the colour of Archangel Michael.

Lavender in its many forms can also be used.

Lavender cakes and biscuits - yummy!

Lavender oils can be used for massage or for placing on your pillow at night to help you relax and sleep.

Lavender tea is also very calming and relaxing.

You may, whilst going about your day, see a blue light out of the corner of your eye.  This is a sign that Archangel Michael is close by.

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