What Constitutes a Good Novel?

What Constitutes a Good Novel?

One thing that makes for a good novel is a quest.

The story may be about someone searching for a new love in their life.  Or someone searching for gold, or some other treasure.  

The novel could be about someone seeking peace of mind.  

A good story line is about someone searching for something throughout the book, or even throughout a film, or television play, or series, and then, at the end of the book or film, they find what they are seeking.

Mind you, I have seen films that have strange endings that leave you all up in the air because you have to guess what happened to the hero or heroin. These types of films can leave you feeling all empty and 'unfinished' somehow.

Another thing that good novelists put in their stories is conflict.  Arguments sell.  You only have to watch the soaps and you will see they are all about conflict.  Him leaving her.  Her leaving him.  Quarrels between parents, children and grandparents.  People running off with other people's lovers and so on.  Drama and conflict runs throughout many a good novel and many a good soap.

The reason there is so much drama in the soaps is that the programmes are very short, often thirty minutes, and so they have to be jam packed with drama in order to keep the viewer entertained and not wanting to change channels at any time.

Many people I do psychic readings for will tell me that what you read in novels and what you see in the soaps is real life.

But is it?

Yes, you can have a day when you wake up and from that moment on everything seems to go wrong.  You forgot to buy shampoo for your shower.  The bus for work does not turn up.  Your boss is in a bad mood and out to annoy anyone he/she comes across.  You burn the evening meal, and so on and so forth.

These days are rare though, and indeed, should be rare.  Life should not be full of drama.

When I have given a psychic reading to a client a card has often come up which says, 'let go of drama', and this is so true.

Let go of drama, leave it behind, live in the now.

If you want drama then read a novel, or, better still write one!

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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