Loving Yourself - A Morning Reflection

Loving Yourself

A channeled message from Archangel Uriel.

"Why do we Angels ask you to Love Yourself?

Well, who else will love you if you do not love yourself?

You cannot expect God to help you in this matter for you have free will.

Yes, God does love you.  Heaven and Earth Love You.  The Angels and Animals and every single thing, person and creature that you come across loves you.

How can this be?

Because, we ARE Love.  We ooze Love.  

Love is all around us all of the time and it is up to each individual on this planet, your planet, the planet that you have decided to come to and live on, in order to achieve this 'loving yourself syndrome', is made up of love.

Yes, there is hate and yes there are wars and this is because this is a planet of duality.  There must be hate, justice, peace, love, war and so forth all of the time, world without end, for this is a planet of duality.  Night and day, hot and cold, wet and dry, love and hate, peace and wartimes.

So, loving yourself, my friend, my beloved one, is just so very important.  Without LOVE this world cannot exist.  This world is made of love.  Love makes you.  Love made you.  Loving yourself is the number one request we Angels place upon you.

How to do it?

Look in the mirror, your mirror, any mirror, A small make-up mirror, each day and say aloud, 'I love you'.  Then that vibration will slowly creep into your awareness and attract more, 'I love you' vibrations.

This can ONLY work if you stick with it.  Try it out for a week or so.  JUST DO IT.

Once a day is enough to get this thing started.  Then you will begin to notice the change in your life.  You will begin to notice that good comes into your awareness.  You will begin to notice lovely things in nature and around you.  Friends popping by to say hello, because they can feel that vibration of love that you have now accepted around you.

Dogs, other animals, like cats and kittens, children and parents and shop keepers will all acknowledge that YOU love YOU, by their smile and their kind words and their friendship.

Go in peace my friend,

I, we, The Angels on High love you all very much indeed,

Uriel - an Angel of Wisdom"

Channeled by Barbara Burgess, psychic medium, 2016.

Image courtesy of arztsamui at FreeDigitalPhotos.net