Psychic Readings - What Should Psychics Charge For These?

When I began giving readings, many years ago I, like many other newbies gave free readings.  

After I had gained a little bit of experience I began charging about five pounds.

Many psychics who are new to earning a living from doing psychic readings will start this way.

I remember speaking to a newbie psychic and she said she does not know when to stop the reading.  I was like this myself, when I first began giving readings.  I would often charge five pounds for a reading that went on for four hours!

With experience you learn when to stop the reading.

A friend of mine had a reading from a well-known psychic at the same time that I was learning and this man suddenly stood up and said 'thank you for coming', that will be £25 please, when an hour had gone by.

That is one way of doing it!

Another psychic I know says she sees a clock face in her mind's eye when the hour is up.

Nowadays I sense that the energies are dropping and I know it is time to wind down the reading.


Getting back to what to charge.  This can depend on the area in which you live, and also the country in which you live.

Psychic Readings in the United States appear dearer than those in the U.K.

If you are living in an area of the country that is going through redundancies and closures of factories and mines then it is not a good idea to charge high prices for your readings.

If you live in a big city, however, such as London then you will find the price of a psychic reading will go up, although this is not always the case.

These days many psychics work over the internet and so they do not depend on the area in which they live for their income.

On the whole I have seen readings priced as low as £5, or even less, to hundreds of pounds.  It really does depend on where you live and the expertise of the psychic reader.


A friend of mine gave me a good pointer, and that was to charge a certain price for your readings, and then if you found you had too many customers, according to the time you had allotted for your readings, then that is the right time to increase your prices.  This will cut down the number of customers somewhat but will still give you a good price for your Psychic readings, as you will have increased the price to compensate for having fewer clients.


Really the price you charge for your readings is up to you but do bear in mind where you live and how much the locals can afford, unless you are working internationally, of course. 


If you are like me and are able to work over the internet and world wide then a different price ratio will come into force here.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016