Does Lack of Money Scare You?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive

Does Lack of Money Scare You?

Does lack of money scare you?

Does lack of money send you into panic mode?

Does lack of money give you butterflies in your tummy?

At the end of the week, or the end of the month, when you think you are running out of dosh, or when you feel as if you might just scrape through, do you get a sinking feeling in your gut?

I know I used to.

Many years ago now, we were made homeless, or rather our house was repossessed, not once, but twice.

Once we moved to a caravan that was only available for about nine months of the year and then we had to find somewhere else to rent.  The second time we rented a flat.

Now, when your credit rating is zero and along with that you have one or more pet dogs, then finding a property to rent is virtually impossible.

However, we were lucky and we did come across a private rental that accepted us all, pets and debts included.

To say I was scared was probably an understatement.

I never knew where my next bit of money was coming from.  I never knew where my next meal was coming from.  How was I going to feed my kids and my pets?  It was a total nightmare, I can tell you.

So, yes, I was scared.  Very scared indeed.

Now, we are told we should live in the moment.  Live in the now.  Now is all we have.  This is quite hard when you are worried about money but it is well worth a try.

Now, is the only moment that exists.  The moment before this one has been and gone.  The moment to come has not yet arrived.  All we have is now, this moment.

No matter what state your affairs are in right now, just think about this - 

Do you have a roof over your head?

Do you have food to eat?

Do you have money in your purse or in your bank?


You see, if the answer to the above three questions is yes, then right here and right now, all is well.


But, you may say, it is not.  I don't know where my next meal is coming from.  I might be evicted next week.


You see, The Universe only knows about 'the now'.  What we think about 'right now' is what we attract to us.

So, if, right now - you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy and maybe a few coins of money in your wallet, then just keep thinking positively about those things.

That is what you have right now - and if you focus upon those good things - then more of the same will come to you in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment.


Sit down quietly and take some easy breaths.


Think about the fact that you have a roof over your head.

Think about the fact that you have food in your tummy.

Think about the fact that you have some money in your purse, or even a some money in your bank account.

How does that make you feel at this very moment?

Does it make you feel relaxed?  Safe?  Content?

What feeling does this give you now - knowing that you do have a roof over your head, money in your purse, and food in your belly?  

What FEELING does this thought bring up?  Calm?  Relaxation?  Contentment?


It is the FEELING that the Universe will work on for you.  And so the Universe, in all its wisdom will bring you more feelings like that.  More of the same.


So, whenever lack of money, or the thought of lack of money, gives you a churning stomach, just turn it around and do the above exercise and get that 'ah, I feel so relaxed' feeling back.'

"Ah, I feel so relaxed, knowing that right here and right now I do have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and money in my purse."

It is a bit like when you have done a hard day's work and you flop down into a lovely cosy, comfy armchair and go, 'ah' - a big sigh of relief.

Feel that relief.  Feel that relaxation.  Feel that calm satisfaction.

Then more of the same will turn up in your life.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017

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A World of Duality

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

We live in a world of duality.

This is one reason why we have all come to live on planet earth.  To experience this life of duality.

What do I mean by duality?

I mean everything has an opposite.

Laugh - cry - as the above image depicts.

Love - hate.

Yes - no.

Up - down.

In - out.

Black - white.

Wet - dry.


Everything has its opposite.


Imagine, if you will, a long pole.  At one end of the pole is 'love' and at the other end of the pole is 'hate'.  Some people might be at the hate end of the pole and some might be at the love end of the pole.  Some people might wish to be at the love end of the pole but find themselves harbouring hateful thoughts and so they find themselves at the 'hate' end of the said pole.


Another example of this 'pole' could be 'laugh' at one end and 'cry' at the other end.  Someone could always be laughing and thus always be at the 'laugh' end of the pole.  Another person may often cry and feel sad and thus be at the 'cry' end of this pole.


As mentioned above, we live in this world of duality.  Wherever you find yourself, be it experiencing love, laughter, happiness, wealth, abundance or any manner of things that a person can experience here on planet earth, then you will be at one end of the said pole or the other end or somewhere in between.


Practice the following if you would like to - 


Imagine a set of poles.  Say, about five.  Imagine they are perched on some soil or grass or maybe concrete, so that they will not fall over.

Name each of your five poles, (or more) - love, abundance, health, happiness, employment.  

Sit quietly and with your mind's eye, imagine each pole with each label at the top of the pole.  Where do you 'see' yourself on each pole?

Are you at the top of the 'love' pole or do you 'see' yourself halfway down?

Where are you on the 'abundance' pole?  Are you at the top or the bottom?

Your subconscious mind will show you where you 'see' yourself.


Now, wherever you find yourself then imagine pushing yourself to the top of the poles.  'Push' yourself to the top of the 'love' pole.  'Push' yourself to the top of the 'abundance' pole.  And so on.


Try this exercise each day and believe me things will change.  Your perspective of where you now 'find' yourself will change for the better and thus it will gradually influence your life as well.

copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium.

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No Internet

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

My quest was to write a blog a day for thirty days.  However the internet crashed in our area and so I only did about twenty one days in all.

It is very strange but the fact that the internet, in our post code area, ceased working actually help to prove the point I had been trying to make with my recent blog posts.

You see, spirit often give me ideas.   They give me these ideas in pictures or images in my mind's eye.  This is known as clairvoyance or 'clear seeing'.  I get an idea and then I have to find the words to turn the idea, or these images, into a blog post.  Sometimes it is harder than others.

I did post one blog, some time ago, where I  mentioned that often there are not the words in the English, or any other language, that convey what one is actually trying to say.  When one has a very deep feeling or when one has had a meaningful experience one needs specific words to express what has happened.  Sometimes it takes more than one word for a person to describe their feelings or emotions.  For example a person may be excited and happy all at the same time but the words excited and happy do not exactly describe how that person feels.  They may be excited, happy, shaky, giggly, all at the same time and feel all manner of emotions that cannot be expressed exactly by one or several words.

My previous postings, to which I am referring, were basically about having something and not having something. Having something and an absence of that thing.

Having wellness and a lack of wellness.  You cannot be a bit well and you cannot have a small lack of wellness.  You either have wellness or you don't have wellness.  You either have wellness or there is an absence of it.  The blog post went on to explain how to welcome wellness into your life.

Then I wrote about love and an absence of love.  As with wellness or the lack of it - you can have love or an absence of love.  You cannot have a bit of love and have a bit of an absence of love. You either have love in your life or you have an absence of love in your life.  The same goes with loving yourself and your body.  You can either love yourself and/or your body or you have an absence of love for yourself and/or your body.  This blog post also went on to explain how to bring more love into your life.


Then my following blog posts went on to explain about abundance and the absence of abundance and also that with some healing techniques practitioners talk about our  body having either energy or an absence of energy.  An absence of energy means an illness is in the body somewhere and there is an amazing technique called EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation) that can help bring energy into the body where there is an absence of energy.


Now, for a week I was without any internet at my home.  The company were upgrading their cables and at the same time there was a message on the phone that some damage had been done to some cables in our post code.  After several phone calls and an engineer coming to our house he discovered that the wall socket was faulty and fixed our internet access in seconds.  We are all nicely up and running again now.


So this made me think about our internet access.  It also got me to realise that maybe the powers that be - God, in fact, was trying to give me a full and clear demonstration about this having something and not having something.  This having something and an absence or lack of something.

We either had the internet and our computers were working or else we did not have the internet and our computers were not working.  We had nothing in-between!  We did not have a bit of the internet and a bit of the computers working.  We either had them working or an absence of them working.  We either had the internet or we had an absence of the internet.  


This  absence of the internet made it so clear to me about how to explain my other posts and this demonstrated it clearly as well. As I said spirit often give me messages or images but I have to find the words to fit these messages and images.

With the loss of the internet for a week this was made very clear to me.  I will say that it actually took nearly a week for the message to sink in.  I got it like a eureka moment!

You have something or you have an absence of it..  

The good part is having wellness, love, abundance, energy or even the internet.  The negative side is the absence of these things and many other things in our lives.  An absence of wellness, love, energy, work, happiness, joy, or the internet.

copyright 2017 Barbara Burgess

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Welcome Energy

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

In terms of healing there is only energy or an absence of energy.

To find out more please view these websites or Google EmoTrance - Emotional Transformation.

copyright 2017 Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium


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Welcome Abundance

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

How do we welcome abundance into our lives?

Well, one way is to literally open your arms to receive.  Go outside in nature, if you can, stand tall, open your arms and either say aloud or in your head, 'I open my arms to receive all of God's Grace, all that this Universe wishes to bestow upon me.'


A while back now I read of someone who went, 'abundance hunting'.  Have you ever found coins as you went about your day?  Coins are a sign that the angels are with you.  Angels are messengers of God and the coins are a message to you to say that God, Jesus and the angels are always by your side and looking out for you and looking after you.

This person who went 'abundance hunting' actually found a $20 note stuck between her toes as she entered a swimming pool.


Years ago now I remember a friend telling me that she had the gut feeling to take a different route to the shops and on her way she found a £20 note.


Some time back I found a £20 note neatly folded up and stuck between some holes in a carpet at a sports centre.  Something made me bend down and pick up what I thought was a piece of paper.  When I unfolded it I found it was a £20 note.

The other day I went for a walk and did some 'abundance hunting' and lo and behold I found a £20 note on the pavement.


Often though we look on abundance as being money.  Abundance can be your cupboards full of shoes and handbags.  Or the waste paper bin in your bedroom being full to bursting.  Abundance comes in many forms, like the image above of a field full of tulips.

Abundance can be a beautiful day with blue skies, few clouds and no wind.  If you like a non-windy day, that is, as some people love to have the wind blowing in their hair.


Another thing to do is to use this affirmation - "Expected and unexpected income is always coming my way."


Here is a card to help you - taken from the oracle deck by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue - Angels of Abundance -

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

copyright 2017, Barbara Burges,s Psychic Medium.


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Welcome Love

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

There is only love or the absence of love.

You cannot have 'a bit of love'.

Either you have love or you do not have love. 

Welcome love into your life.  Open your arms wide and declare, 'I welcome love into my world'.

Here is a card for you to ponder over. Taken from the Doreen Virtue deck of cards - Fairy Tarot Cards with Radleigh Valentine.

Take a look at the card and see what message it has for you;

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Here is an image of two people very much in love.  They are looking into each other's eyes.  Each morning and even several times a day, look into your own eyes in the mirror and say, 'I love you, I really, really love you.'  It does not matter if, at first, you do not mean it or feel it.  Carry on.  Do it one day at a time.

Copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

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Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Welcome Wellness

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

I used to have freckles like this!   My mother told me to put vinegar on my face and it seemed to have worked.  I would not mind them now, but as a teenager, or young child growing up, then you can be teased for having freckles.

There is only wellness or an absence of wellness.

There is nothing in between.  You cannot be a bit well or a bit unwell or a bit healthy or a bit unhealthy.  You are either well or unwell.  Healthy or unhealthy.

Welcome wellness into your life.

"Dear Lord Jesus I pray to you to show me wellness in my life.  Help me to be well, stay well and feel well, always."  Thank you."

My quest is to do a post a day for one month.  This blog post is one of them.

I drew this card for you today for this post.  It is from the deck:  'Loving Words From Jesus' by Doreen Virtue.

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

This card depicts a little girl sharing a moment with Jesus.  She is a little bit shy in his company and doesn't quite know what to say and so she is drawing pictures on his hand.

Telepathically they are talking to each other.  She is receiving telepathic messages from Jesus and at the same time Jesus knows exactly what it is that she wants.  Jesus is watching over her, helping her and guiding her and sending her lots of love.

Welcome Jesus into your life.  Talk to him telepathically through prayer.

Love and Light,


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copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash

Pennies From Heaven

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Many years ago now, my husband and I were in dire straights financially.  

He was in business with his parents and they had both died and then the firm had gone into liquidation.  His parent's home and our home and been repossessed and we were living in a caravan that was only available for the summer months.

We eventually moved to a bungalow but times were still very tough for us.  I was constantly worrying about money and how we could manage. 

I attended the local Spiritualist church and the medium there gave me a message.  She said, 'you can ask for money, you know.'  

Wow!  I could ask for money!  I had been living from hand to mouth for what seemed years and here was a lady telling me that I could ask the spirit world for money!

I said my prayers that night and did, indeed, ask for money.

The following morning I opened the front door to fetch in the milk and low and behold in the middle of the doorstep was a small pile of coins, one penny pieces!

Well, I just knew this was the answer to my prayers.  I also knew that spirit had a sense of humour!  So, I said, thank you, but a pile of pennies was not quite what I meant.  I was thinking more on the lines of a lottery win!

So that evening I said my prayers again and asked for even more money, the jackpot, so to speak.

The next  morning I was backing my car out of the drive and on the wall, level with my eyes, was an even bigger pile of coins.  This time though it was two penny pieces!

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Yes spirit really do have a sense of humour!  I have been made aware of this many times in my life!

Okay, I thought, I get it.  The spirit world was obviously not going to give me the lottery numbers.  

I had a lesson to learn here. 

When asking spirit for something you have to be specific about what you want.  If you want a car then do you want one that works well all the time and is easy to drive or do you just want some old banger that breaks down all the time.

If you want a holiday then do you mind where you have that holiday or is a tent on a muddy marsh okay?

You have to be specific with your prayer requests to spirit.

Often people will say that they just want enough money to get by on.  Or they say they just want enough money to pay their bills.  This is what turns up though.  What would be good would be more than enough money to live on so that you could give some away to others, charities, maybe.  There is nothing worse than worrying about money all the time and having more than enough can give you a good life free from many worries.

copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

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Out Of Body Experience

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

My mother rang me.  She said she had a very bad stomach and wouldn't be able to come over that day.  I asked her if she was okay and should I come over to visit her and she said she was fine but to keep away as she had sickness and diarrhoea and did not want me and my little girl to catch it.  I said that if she was sure she was okay then that was fine.

Later that day I phoned again and she said she was still the same.  Sickness, diarrhoea and had a bad stomach ache but she could cope.

The following day I phoned and she was no better and so I suggested she called the doctor.  She insisted it was just a tummy bug and that if she just drank water for twenty four hours then she would be fine.

On the third day she rang me to say that yesterday she had been in absolute agony but today she was feeling much better.  For some reason she also insisted that I stay away as it was a horrible illness and she did not want me or anyone else to catch it.

I was very worried but left it at that.

My stepfather, at this time was visiting his family and friends around Newcastle, Durham, Chester-le-Street and Sunderland and he would be away until the Saturday.

I continued to phone my mother each day and she said she was feeling rather week but much better and the neighbour had been popping round and looking after her.  

On the Saturday I phoned and said I was going to a dog show and had to pass her house on the way.  I insisted on visiting her.  She sounded okay but weak.

When I got to her house she was in her dressing gown and looked an awful grey colour to me.  I said I should phone the doctor and she said no.  I said I would stay with her as my step father was expected home later in the afternoon and I could keep her company until he arrived to look after her.  My mum insisted that she was fine, could cope, would be okay and that I should get off to the dog show.

Well, I went to the dog show but worried all that day about her and also told my doggy friends about how worried I was and how ill she looked and how she did not want any help.

On the way home from the dog show I called at my mother's house and got no answer.

Later in the evening I got a phone call from Ted, my step father, saying that my mother was seriously ill with peritonitis and was being operated on at that moment.

I later learned that my mother had been in absolute excruciating pain on the Monday and that was when her appendix had burst open.  Apparently they had burst open and then twisted back on themselves and thus stopped all the puss and muck from spreading fully around her body.  

When Ted arrived home he took one look at my mother and phoned the doctor.  The doctor took one look at my mum and called an ambulance!

The surgeon told my mum that she had died three times on the operating table and that she was, 'a very lucky woman'.

I went to the hospital every day to visit my mum and took my little three year old daughter with me.

Once, when we went into the ward there was a patient lying on her bed and she had lots of tubes all over her and one up her nose.  My little girl said to the lady, 'why have you got that thing up your nose?'  The lady replied, 'It's to make me feel better'.  Larissa then asked, 'Do you feel better with it up your nose?'  The lady said, 'yes' and laughed.

I cannot remember how long my mother was in hospital for but I am very grateful to the doctors and surgeons for saving her life.

Quite a long time after my mum had recovered she told me that she knew she had nearly died and that she had had this amazing experience whilst on the operating table.

She told me she had seen a tunnel and was halfway down that tunnel.  At the other end and behind a kind of veil were her deceased brother Fred and his wife Nancy.  Nancy had been dead a very long time but Fred had only recently passed to spirit.  They kept beckoning to her to come and they told her 'it was only a few more steps'.  My mother replied to them, 'i'm not ready yet'. They kept beckoning to her and kept telling her that all she needed to do was to take a few more steps.  My mum kept saying that she was not ready.  

Then she woke up and found herself in the hospital bed.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? I would love to hear from you.

Copyright 2017, Barbara Burges, Psychic Medium.


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Don't Wait

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Don't wait until your 50, 60 or 70 until you get yourself fixed.

Do it now!

So often, especially when we are young, we think we are invincible.  

I see this by the way young people cross the roads in front of cars sometimes, they think it is fun.  They think the car will stop in time.  

My mother used to do this as well.  When she wanted to cross the road she would just go. She once told me that, 'the car has got to stop'.  Well it doesn't have to stop and sometimes the stopping distance and conditions are  so great that it cannot stop!

The angels can  and will look after you, but it is no good driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway and expecting the angels to look out for you.  You have got to play your part!

It is the same with our health and well-being.  

I hear people who smoke saying, 'I've only got one life and I'm going to live it.'  Well having a body riddled with sickness because of cigarette smoke inhalation is not really living.  We also have more than one life.  We are eternal and we can have and have had many lives.

Another thing that comes to mind here is that you may have an ailment and you go to the doctor and he/she says, 'what do you expect at your age?'

Well there are people living to a hundred and ten or more years these days.  There are people aged 70, 80, 90 and even 100 who run marathons!  

Whenever my father had an illness or ailment he would go to the doctor to find out what it was or to confirm what he thought it was and then he would go home and work out or find out a natural way of treating that illness.  Maybe taking more vitamin pills or eating more fruit or drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it.

Years ago doctors would tell a cancer patient, 'you have six months to live', and often that person would die six months later.  However, there are those who might have said, 'oh no I haven't' and found a cure and lived for many more years.  It all depends on the type of person you are and your personality type as well.

I recall a medium at a Spiritualist Church told the congregation the following story:

He was an airline pilot and he had travelled the world.  Often being away from home for several weeks at a time.  He had hardly seen his two sons grow up into teenage boys because of his work. He was about to retire and began to feel rather unwell, so he went to see his doctor.

His doctor diagnosed stomach cancer and told him that his condition was inoperable and that he had only six weeks to  live.  

He was absolutely devastated.  He was looking forward to retiring and spending more time with his wife and sons.  He wanted to make up for all that lost time when he had been away flying and now he had been told he only had six weeks he could spend with his wife and sons.  As you can imagine he was in shock and he simply did not know what to do next, or to whom he could turn.

So he turned to a healer friend at the Spiritualist Church and asked for healing.  The friend gave him healing but also told him to go back to the doctor and ask for an operation.

The doctor explained that the illness was totally inoperable.

The medium went back to his healer friend.  His healer friend told him to go to the hospital and sit in the waiting room and demand an operation and to tell the doctors that he was not going to leave until they did operate on him.

This he did.

He sat and waited and waited and waited and eventually the doctors agreed to an operation.

When he came round from his operation the surgeon who did the procedure on him came to his bedside for a chat.  'You are a very lucky fellow, young man.  During the operation your stomach cancer actually fell out onto the operation table and you have the all clear.'

The medium tried to explain that he had received healing before the operation but the surgeon just dismissed it went on his way.

The medium was now well into his seventies and he had had the operation about fifteen years before that.  He looked a very fit, happy and healthy man.

So, don't wait, don't leave it too late.  Don't wait until you are sick or feeling sicker before looking after your health and well-being.  

Do it now.

If you don't know where to start then ask the angels for assistance and wait for their answer.

copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

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